Ghost Blogging and Social Media Outsourcing


Ghost Blogging and Social Media Outsourcing

Do you hate blogging? Find Social Media overwhelming? Love the photography side of business, but not the behind the scene stuff? Maybe you’re just super busy, prefer to spend that time with your kids, or find it all very overwhelming. You’re not alone, but you don’t have to keep putting it off either. Let me help you!

I’ve been running my elopement photography business for seven years now, blogging 4-6x per month and maintaining social media accounts like my paycheck depended on them. Within a few months, I was climbing the search engine rankings in competitive keywords and client inquiries started rolling in. Then a few years ago, I started doing the same for other photographers. I found that I was great at it, but even better, I LOVED doing it.

During this time, I’ve created a steamlined process to make everything super easy for you. You just send me over a few things, and then *MAGIC*, your business works for you while you’re off doing something else.

Ghost Blogging

Consistently posting SEO optimized blog posts is the fastest way to improve your search engine rankings and site authority. Blog posts range from $30-$75/per post depending on what you’re looking for. Blog posts are SEO optimized to a competitive keyword in your market, and include everything from session recaps to content marketing posts.

Instagram + Facebook

Social Media is all the rage right now, but the algorithms can be enough to make your head spin. Social Media Outsourcing can include both Instagram, Facebook, or both and start at $100 per month! These posts cater to your ideal client, include regular client interaction and personalized, brand specific hashtags!

Custom Packages

Looking for something that you don’t see listed? No problem at all. I’m happy to see what I can do or if nothing else, refer you to someone who can help. Send me a message and let’s chat.

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