Weekend Getaway | Crack Climbing at Indian Creek

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Weekend Getaway | Crack Climbing at Indian Creek

“Every time we talk about this, it makes it harder to go to work on Monday morning…”

His words describe a feeling I know all to well and were in response to a simple joke. I laughed at him as he huddled over a camping stove in the middle of a Moab city park, while he cooked us rice and beans for the 5 hour drive home. “We use to romanticize about the day we’d be cooking rice and beans out of the back of our van and here it is” I joked. But the truth is, we loved every moment of it. Even our dog, Savannah, laid in the sun with her tongue wagging smile, watching us as we tossed a Frisbee near by. Content with being in that moment, accompanying us on our adventure.

Earlier that day we’d woken up to a foggy April sky surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, that we’d be climbing shortly afterward. We’d cooked our breakfast, played with our dog and hiked up to Donnelly canyon at Indian Creek for a few final pitches before we headed out. While at the crag, we also spent the time training Savannah and chatting with other climbers. Then we headed into Moab so that Savannah and Christian could pick up milkshakes at Milt’s before heading to this park.

For some, this weekend retreat is exhausting, for others, getting away every few months is enough, but for Christian and me, our love for adventure and lusting for freedom drives us to get away almost every single weekend. It is an itch we can’t help but scratch and our motivation to keep moving forward in hopes of one day, someday soon, not having to be back at work on Monday morning.

Trip Highlights: Seeing Indian Creek with rolling storm clouds, watching Savannah eat her Milt’s ice cream, planning out future trips with Christian on the way home, and having an allergy free weekend (no symptoms, yay!).

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