Product Review: Outward Hound Ripstop Adjustable Dog Life Jacket


Outward Hound Ripstop Adjustable Dog Life Jacket


Last summer we tried to teach Savannah to swim, but she’d freak out as soon as she could feel her body start to sink in the water. Honestly, I couldn’t blame her. She’s a land creature.  I did some reading and found that some dogs excel at swimming when they have a life jacket on. So, off to Amazon I went.

Which Dog Life Jacket to Get:

After reading a ton of reviews and comparing life jacket after life jacket, I found that there was only one life jacket available in the color pink, the Outward Hound Ripstop Adjustable Dog Life Jacket. So, obviously, I bought that one (before you hate on me, all of the life jackets I was looking at had similar ratings).

Finding the right size for Savannah dog was difficult, but I read to size up when in doubt and I’m glad I did. We picked the large, which is designed for dogs between 55-85lbs. Savannah is only 50 lbs, but she also has a wide rib cage and a long body.

Initial Impression:

Two days later, the Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket arrived and it fit wonderfully. It was easy to put on and Savannah ran around our yard showing it off to all of the neighbors.

I was impressed by how well it was made, how easily the straps adjusted and also, the color. It’s bright, but not too bright and it compliments her fur well. I know, there’s at least one person out there (other than my husband) going, really, pink? But honestly, it makes finding her at a dog park full of dogs in red life jackets a piece of cake.

Trying It Out:

We didn’t get to try out the life jacket until our summer visit to Pittsburgh, where we could take her into my parent’s pool. As soon as I put it on her, she perked up, not knowing what was about to happen. We took her up to the pool with my niece and she went to her “safe spot” on the steps.

The jacket did exactly what I had hoped and gave her just enough flotation. Her confidence soared and by the second day she was jumping in all by herself, racing my niece and nephews in the pool and refusing to get out. I swear, she’d a toddler at heart.

Here’s a cute video of Savannah’s progression in the pool…

Overall Opinion:

This dog life jacket met every expectation we had. Not only did Savannah learn to swim with it, but now she swims without it.

Our favorite features are the number of adjustable straps, and the handle on the top of the jacket. The handle allows us to help her around the pool and to get her out when she wants to. I wouldn’t trust her life on the handle, so I wouldn’t recommend depending on it in gushing water, but that’s not really what it’s for. I do, however, have complete confidence in the jacket’s ability to keep her up in flat water. I also love the fit of this jacket. It didn’t appear to limit Savannah’s movement in any way, which was essential in teaching her to swim on her own.

would highly recommend the Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life jacket if you’re looking for a life jacket for your dog! And if the pink wasn’t cute enough, it’s now available in Finding Nemo colors. Click here to see for yourself!

Note: Outward Hound did not provide this product nor did they sponsor this review.


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